Jill Tulloss

Roberts Middle School


Sixth Grade

Social Studies/ Language Arts/ Reading

Middle and South America


Middle and South America Resource List Every student should select a book about their specific country. These can be found in the 900’s. Besides the book you select, you must choose another general resource from each category below.



Non-fiction sources:


Arl     How People Live by Penelope Arlon,  DK, 2003. Very useful information on customs, foods, traditions, and holidays.



Bru Festivals of the world : the illustrated guide to celebrations, customs, events, and holidays by Elizabeth Breuilly, Checkmark, 2002. Information on holidays.



Loc  Festivals Around the World by Ann Lockledge Frank Schaffer Publications, 1996. Information on festivals and holidays of various countries.



Bar The Kingfisher book of religions : festivals, ceremonies, and beliefs from around the world by Trevor Barnes, Kingfisher, 1999. The beliefs and ceremonies of religions around the world.



Bor  Famous Dishes of the World by Wina Born, Collier Books, 1970. Favorite recipes from around the world.





Reference sources:



330.9 The World Factbook (prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency) Brassey's, 2001.  This information is also available at: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/






Cul       Culture Grams Kids Edition Millennial Star Network : Brigham Young University, 2001. This source is a loose leaf binder of information about specific countries.




And      The Encyclopedia of World Geography edited by Graham Bateman and Victoria Egan. Andromedia Oxford Limited, 2002.  Information on geography, society and economy.



910    Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations UXL : Gale Group/Thomson Learning, c2002.  A multi-volume set of extensive country information.



394.12 You Eat What You Are: People, Culture and Food Traditions by Thelma

Bar       Barer-Stein Firefly Books, 1999. Information on meals, customs, domestic life,   

            and special occasions of different countries.


REF     World Book Encyclopedia World Book Inc., c2000.



2. InfOhio Electronic Resources


User name: Neonet

Password: Neonet330


Sirs Discoverer Click on the “countries” icon. Choose your country. Choose the Sirs Discoverer Country Facts and Culture Facts. By clicking on the camera, you will get a map and flag.


Encyclopedia Britannica Enter the country in the search box. Click on the blue link to the full article. Remember to click “format for printing” before printing.



3. Web Sites

www.countryreports.org A nice site for country information as well as a map and flag.

www.yahooligans.com Click on “Around the World” and then “Countries”.

www.atlapedia.com Click on “Countries A-Z”

http://www.flags.ndirect.co.uk/index.html The World Flag Database- Flag of different countries as well as some basic information.

http://cyberschoolbus.un.org/infonation/index. This cyber school bus gives a country overview, as well as news, information on the economy, environment and technology.

http://geography.miningco.com/library/maps  A great source for maps!

http://www.geographia.com This site includes beautiful photos as well as travel information.


http://www.elite.net/~runner/jennifers/index.htm Jennifer’s Language Page- Learn how to say basic phrases in the language of your country!