Health and Hygiene

General Information
NAME: Amy Mark
SCHOOL: H.C. Mines Intermediate School, Howland Local Schools
WORKSHOP LOCATION: Kent State University
TITLE OF COMPANION ACTION PLAN: Health and Hygiene Action Plan
GRADE LEVEL: 4th grade
SPECIFIC TOPIC: Personal Health Care and Hygiene

Content Information
BRIEF SUMMARY: Personal health and grooming is part of the course of study for fourth grade. Students at this age need extra guidance in the area of personal hygiene and grooming with the approach of puberty. This content pathfinder focuses on the prevention of infection and how to keep personal appearance neat and clean.
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Health--Juvenile Literature, Hygiene--Juvenile Literature

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Web Sites
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Infection Detection Protection by the American Museum of Natural History
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Magazine Articles
Read more about keeping yourself clean and healthy!
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